Friday, November 26, 2010

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

I don't actually want much for Christmas this year - I'm quite happy to get ridiculously fat and merry with my family and maybe a cute little something something from Mr Special. But that's about all.

Having said that though, if I do have one request for that one day (that often ends one of two ways: really really bad or really really good, depending of course on your relations and extended familt & just how much Aunty Kath decides to drink), that is what ever I may be lucky to recieve is wrapped in something as awesome and schmexy as the seasonal grift wrap by those styling kids at Wrapped by housemouse.

Melbourne design house, housemouse, create award winning designer (yes, there's such a thing) wrapping paper that is 100% made locally. The paper is printed using vege-based inks on recycled Australian paper, that also happens to be acid free & pH neutral.

They've got three different styles to their

range, First: 'Wrapped in type' focuses on words and typography using orange and black ink. Second & Third: 'Wrapped in symbols' which is comprised of communicative symbols in two colours; magenta & cyan. 

They're available at mag nation (city and prahran) & brunswick bound.

- check it

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