Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tooty McToot Toot

I've been warned by my boyfriend that if I don't promote some of my side projects that he will but - on his work blog with an unflattering pic of myself taken on the last night of Merdith '08 (the year of the great flood) and links to any social network page that could identify me along with my personal contact details.... so to avoid cringing from all parties involved here's something I prepared earlier...

I currently intern one day a week at Melbourne online and seasonal print directory Broadsheet. Which, I might add, is a pretty sweet gig.

Broadsheet stay true to an amazingly slick design ethos and promote a dedication to reporting and sharing  the current/what to keep an eye on, but with more substance and less 'tude - something that is often surpassed when covering the 'right now'.
Broadsheet saves you from grubbing up your fingers from flicking through Beat/Impress or trying to decode whether other Melbourne related directories actually like the place or not...(if you catch my drift).

But yeah - I've produced a various news pieces and countless up and coming events posts but this is the first big piece I've been involved in, which happens to have my name on it.

So if you do mosey over the Visitors section & check out EATING, SHOPPING & NIGHTLIFE for some nice haunts I think you all should pop by.

 - check it.


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