Monday, December 6, 2010

That time of year

Well, it's upon us (well, nearly). The time of the year we all start wrapping up the past 12 months. But as the year's not actually over as yet, my top ten is no where near official. But hey, here's a few albums I've thoroughly enjoyed through 2010. Let me rephrase that, the albums have got my juices flowing - FACT! The list will have to be culled, some will go & a couple I've forgotten will be added. So here they are (in no particular order):

 Yeasayer Odd Blood
| emotive, exotic, dancey fun |

 The Drums The Drums
| Joy division meets morrissey san-fran styles |

The Black Keys Brothers
| dirty, rough, love making blues |

 The Roots How I Got Over
| get your gangster funk on |

Sleigh Bells Treats
| hectic yelling fabulousness |

Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt
| Not quite Dylan, but in a good way |

Tame Impala Innerspeaker
| psychedelic, hypnotic guitar riffage |

The Naked & Famous Passive Me, Aggressive You
| angry, young, another reason to like NZ |

LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening
| please, don't let this be your last |

Gorillaz Plastic Beach
| if you didn't respect them before, you now will |

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Ariel Pink Before Today
| heavily 70's lo -fi visionary |

Twin Shadow Forget
|Wanna dance, wanna cry |

Beach House Teen Dream
| husky Norway dreaming |

| no softening digital mama |

Surfer Blood Astro Coast
| punching, pounding, surfer rock |

Grinderman Grinderman 2
| Palaces of Montezuma is just the beginning |

Best Coast Crazy For You
| diary snippets of a breezy, stoner summer |

Kanye West MBDTF
| silences all haters, incl. myself |

Girls Album
| Late 90's London sounding pop |

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

I don't actually want much for Christmas this year - I'm quite happy to get ridiculously fat and merry with my family and maybe a cute little something something from Mr Special. But that's about all.

Having said that though, if I do have one request for that one day (that often ends one of two ways: really really bad or really really good, depending of course on your relations and extended familt & just how much Aunty Kath decides to drink), that is what ever I may be lucky to recieve is wrapped in something as awesome and schmexy as the seasonal grift wrap by those styling kids at Wrapped by housemouse.

Melbourne design house, housemouse, create award winning designer (yes, there's such a thing) wrapping paper that is 100% made locally. The paper is printed using vege-based inks on recycled Australian paper, that also happens to be acid free & pH neutral.

They've got three different styles to their

range, First: 'Wrapped in type' focuses on words and typography using orange and black ink. Second & Third: 'Wrapped in symbols' which is comprised of communicative symbols in two colours; magenta & cyan. 

They're available at mag nation (city and prahran) & brunswick bound.

- check it

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tooty McToot Toot

I've been warned by my boyfriend that if I don't promote some of my side projects that he will but - on his work blog with an unflattering pic of myself taken on the last night of Merdith '08 (the year of the great flood) and links to any social network page that could identify me along with my personal contact details.... so to avoid cringing from all parties involved here's something I prepared earlier...

I currently intern one day a week at Melbourne online and seasonal print directory Broadsheet. Which, I might add, is a pretty sweet gig.

Broadsheet stay true to an amazingly slick design ethos and promote a dedication to reporting and sharing  the current/what to keep an eye on, but with more substance and less 'tude - something that is often surpassed when covering the 'right now'.
Broadsheet saves you from grubbing up your fingers from flicking through Beat/Impress or trying to decode whether other Melbourne related directories actually like the place or not...(if you catch my drift).

But yeah - I've produced a various news pieces and countless up and coming events posts but this is the first big piece I've been involved in, which happens to have my name on it.

So if you do mosey over the Visitors section & check out EATING, SHOPPING & NIGHTLIFE for some nice haunts I think you all should pop by.

 - check it.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

In need of a compass

Having not found my feet in the expanding world of the blog, I think it's a safe bet to stick with eye pleasing aesthetics before I start projecting opinions or serving up warm hearty portions of advice.

So whilst I figure out the uses of this compass and which direction is in fact North, I'll share one of my favourite discoveries from the year so far. 

"Leif is a Melbourne based artist. His work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic experience. By utilizing these subjects he attempts to coerce the viewer into a realignment with themselves and their surroundings." 

Melbourne (Aus.) based artist, Leif gained mainstream recognition for his artwork when he created a truly hypnotic album cover for Perth psych-rockers, Tame Impala and their debut album - Innerspeaker. Leif also released artwork for the singles Solitude is Bliss and Lucidity with the promise of more to be released in correlation with track releases.

- made my day.